The Best Vape Tricks to Learn for Any Skill Level

Vaping is transforming the way people think about smoking. Smokers have gone from taking cigarette breaks and hiding their love of recreational weed to enjoying their choice of flavored tobacco or CBD oil anywhere they go.
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It’s pretty cool to watch this trend happen and be a part of it if you’re a vapor. It’s even cooler to do so if you know how to do a few of the best vape tricks! Vape tricks are a great way to have fun with vaping when you’re bored and smoking on your own or when hanging out with friends.

But, before you go trying to impress everyone, you should practice these tricks and make sure you can get them right. Here’s a breakdown of the best vape tricks to start off with and the ones you can build on from there.
Best Vape Tricks for Beginners

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or you’ve never tried it until you started to vape, there are few basics everyone begins with. Try to learn more about vape tools and oils before getting into tricks, then be patient with yourself as you attempt new things.

The better you are at beginner vape tricks, the better you’re able to control your pulls and use your body in different ways to manipulate the smoke you inhale.

These are the top three tricks for beginners to learn:
A French Inhale

A French inhale is actually an exhale and then an inhale. You begin by taking an average-size pull then holding it for a second, and releasing it from your mouth slowly. As the smoke starts to come out, you have to breathe in through your nose without moving your mouth.

This guides the smoke up into your nostrils, creating the French inhale. It seems difficult at first, but once you master it, you’ll catch yourself doing it casually.
The Ghost Hit

The ghost hit also requires a bit of a hold and some control over your pull, but in a different way. The main “wow factor” of the trick is being able to puff out the smoke from your vape pen then pull it right back into your mouth.

Think of a standard release for a second. You probably blow your smoke away quickly or let it do its thing. Have you ever tried to blow all your smoke out in a slower, more concentrated manner?

That’s the secret to pulling this off. Try to get your smoke out all at once without blowing it all away. This allows you to go from exhaling right into inhaling and pulling all the smoke back to your mouth.

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